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What documents you need to apply for Pensionado Visa in Panama

Every applicant for a Panama Immigration Visa, temporary or permanent residency, must submit a criminal history background report from your country’s “national”, “central”, or “federal” crime investigation agency. If you have been living in another country for the past 5 years, then the criminal history background report must be issued by that country.
The criminal history records that do not have an expiration date will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue for immigration purposes.
Panama immigration used to accept local police criminal history reports from county sheriffs, city police, and constables, however, they now require the criminal reports to be issued by the national investigative authority of the country of citizenship of the applicant
If you are married you will need to submit marriage certificate as well.
The other required documents are:
1) Police report or record
2) Marriage certificate
3) Health certificate
4) Complete copy of passport
5) Immigration affidavit
6) 5 passport sizes pictures

Please consider you will have out of pocket expenses for medical certificate, notary fee and costs, stamp duty, authentication fees, and the permanent card only is $100.00
Apostille is required by Panama immigration to authenticate documents issued by foreign government agencies.  The Criminal Record Certificate can be Apostilled if requested when making the application.  Apostille is an internationally recognized government agency authentification of its issued documents by attaching certain seals to the document.
General Steps when Applying for Panama Residency
1. Provide  all of the required documents and sign a Special Power of Attorney which authorizes us only to act on your behalf with Panama immigration.
2. Register your and your spouse and dependents passports with Panama immigration.
3. Provide us with all of the Panama immigration application fee and repatriation deposit (if required).
4. Panama immigration will issue a Temporary Permit (Visa) and a Multiple Entry-Exit Visa.
5. Panama immigration will later issue a 2 year Temporary Permit (Visa).
6. Panama immigration issues a Permanent Residency Permit (Visa).
7. 5 years later, you can apply for a naturalized Panama citizenship and when approved, the applicant can apply for a Panama passport.

Note: The applicant does not have to reside in Panama during this time period in order to qualify as a permanent resident or a naturalized citizen  .
If you decide to move forward with us while you are out of the country, u can send payments via Pay Pal invoice, Western Union (who accepts credit cards too) or bank transfer.

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